Miami vice season 4

I have come to realize that I am far from alone in my interest in finding out where television shows and movies filmed scenes. To me the locations are often as important as the stories or actors in a film. There are however; few sites to find this information and even fewer that get into detail. Some will tell you that a movie was filmed in Miami but none I have found reveal scene by scene exactly where something was filmed. So here I will attempt to do just that.

This is the home page for the fourth season of Miami Vice. I appreciate you stopping by and hope you enjoy my site. If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at:


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Florida movies produced before Miami Vice (1984)

Florida movies produced after Miami Vice (1984).

*  I have updated Miami Vice episode 101 Miami Squeeze including a newly found location.


*  I have updated my Burn Notice Season 7 site ( with the addition of episode 711, Tipping Point.


- Updated The Specialist with 4 new pictures on my Post Miami Vice site, (09/13/2019)


-Updated There’s Something About Mary with address corrections and new pictures on my Post Miami Vice site, (09/13/2019)


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