Miami Vice

     Episode 76

Like A Hurricane


Original air date: 11/20/1987

Principal filming for this episode was conducted from 10/20/1987 thru 11/05/1987. Completing just 15 days before airing, reportedly to keep the storyline secret.

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The teaser opens in a nightclub where a sting takes place. This was filmed on location at Club Nu, 245 22nd Street, Miami Beach.

Special thanks to Tom at who provided allot of filming location information for this episode.

Then the teaser continues inside the OCB where Crockett gets his next assignment and finally realizes he needs a hair cut. Filmed on set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we see the standard season 4 opening montage.

Act 1 opens with Crockett arriving at 3665 Park Lane in Coconut Grove, filmed there on location.

Then we cut to Ralph’s office. Filmed on location at Brickell Square, 801 Brickell Avenue. Reportedly on the 25th floor.

Then we cut back to Caitlin’s house. Filmed on location at 3665 Park Lane.

Then Crockett gives Caitlin a ride to the studio. We first see them southbound on NE 20th Avenue passing 14901 NE 20th Ave., WPBT2

Then a right turn onto NE 149th Street. Here he is not supposed to have marked units escorting them so the motorcycle with flashing lights was not suppose to be seen but it was. An editing goof.

Then there are 6 cuts that appear to be in the same area but are to tight to confirm their exact location.

Then northbound on NE 20th Avenue past where we first saw them, this time viewing west.

Then two more tight cuts where the location can’t be confirmed but certainly appear to be in the same area.

Then we see them turn from westbound on NE 149th Street into Criteria Recording Studios at 1755 NE 149th Street.

Then we go inside, filmed on location within Criteria Recording Studios.

Then we cut to Wiggins and Fremont driving in a car. Location unknown.

However; after we see them launch the recording out the sunroof, we then see a shot of a Mercedes passing the panning camera. Only this car does not have a sunroof. This is because this is reused footage from the earlier episode, # 63, Red Tape.

This was filmed with McIntyre and Tubbs headed westbound on NE 96th Street at Club Drive in Miami Shores.

Then we see them at the office. This was reportedly filmed at Brickell Square but I have not independently confirmed this yet.

Then we cut back to Caitlin’s. Likely filmed on location at 3665 Park Lane but I have not been inside the residence to confirm this.

Then we head to the bowling alley. This was filmed on location at West Dixie Bowling Lanes, 15950 West Dixie Highway, North Miami Beach.

1966 advertisement for lanes

Then we cut back to Caitlin’s where she and Crockett head out to dinner. Filmed on location at 3665 Park Lane, Coconut Grove.

Then we see them arrive at a shoreline in Crockett’s boat. Not enough is seen to verify the location but it was likely filmed at the Quayside Great House dock on Biscayne Bay. 10670 NE Quay Plaza, North Miami.

Then we see them inside the restaurant, filmed on location at the Quay Side Great House, 10670 NE Quay Plaza, N. Miami. We have seen this location used previously in Cuba Libre and One Way Ticket.

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