Miami Vice

       Episode 78

Love At First Sight


Original air date: 01/15/1988

Principal filming dates: 11/17/87 thru 11/25/87

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The episode starts out with Crockett in a studio making a dating tape. Location unknown.

While Crockett is doing the tape it cuts to the Police responding to the Sundown Apartments. In reality this was filmed on location at the Bay Point Apartments, 1830-40 South Treasure Drive, North Bay Village.

Then we cut back to Crockett, location unknown.

Then we cut back to the “Sundown Apartments”.

Then we see the standard season 4 opening montage.

Act 1 opens with someone watching a dating video at the video dating company. Location unknown.

Then we go inside the Crockett’s new home. Location unknown.

Then we go inside the OCB, filmed on set inside Stage A of Greenwich Studios.

Then we see Gina working a bar. Location unknown.

Then we see C+T track down Choo Choo in an alley. Thanks to Matt5 and Pink Flamig0 who quickly tracked down this location on, we now know that this was filmed on 22nd Street in Miami Beach. Just west of Collins Avenue in the 200 block of 22nd Street.

Next we see Tubbs and Stan serving a warrant at the video dating club. Location unknown.

Then we cut to the beach where another victim has been found. This was filmed on location in South Pointe Park, Miami Beach. At the far southern tip of Miami Beach.

Then we cut back to the dating club where the predator looks for another prey. Location unknown.

Then we see C+T at the FBI offices. Location unknown.

Then we go back to the Crockett’s home. Location unknown.

Then we see Crockett driving the streets. This first drive by of the camera was filmed in a popular Vice filming location as the Testarossa is seen headed southbound on Washington Avenue passing the Post Office at 13th Street.

Then we see a close up of Crockett.

Crockett looks out to his right and sees 1117 North Western Avenue, Los Angeles, California. We have seen this location before in Glades, and Bushido (where is was the exterior establishing shot for the adult store set).

Then we see Crockett passing Republic Liquors as he heads NW on 7th Street passing Main Street in Los Angeles. Of course this little clip in Miami Vice is what made Republic Liquors famous, but it is also known for the March 27, 1987 filming of the U2 video, “Where The Streets Have No Name.”

From the U2 video filmed 03/27/87

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As seen in, El Viejo

As seen in, Everybody’s In Showbiz

As seen in, Heroes of The Revolution

They walk north to the rear of the buildings in the 200 block of 22nd Street.

They chase Choo Choo west down the alley behind Club Nu, where he turns northbound at the SW corner of 220 23rd Street.

Then it cuts and we are in an entirely different alley. We are now likely to the south of where we just saw them head north. In the alley which leads back to 22nd Street but this will be difficult to confirm since these buildings have been torn down.

Building seen in background as C+T pull in