EPISODE 88



Original air date: 04/15/1988

Filmed : 03/28/1988 thru 03/31/1988 A very short filming session since this was a clip show for the most part.

The episode starts with Crockett and Tubbs down in the dumps. Literally, they are doing a drug deal and they meet in a dump. This was in reality filmed at the Miami Department of Solid Waste. 1400 block of NW 20th Street in Miami. We will see more of this location inside and out in the next episode. Perhaps this location was used as a convenience as they were using it more extensively in the very next episode.

Then it cuts and we see them head from northbound on NW 15th Avenue to westbound on NW 20th Street. All though the buildings are gone, the same wall that was there then, still stands today.

The deal goes bad and they take off. In reality they are first seen headed into a dead end parking area. There is a wall blocking access to the street.

Then it  cuts and we see them turn from eastbound on SE 2nd Street to Northbound on Biscayne Blvd. We saw this stretch used previously in Florence Italy. The SE Financial Center is seen in the background.

Northbound on Biscayne away from SE 2nd Street.

Then we see a cut of Crockett inside the car. This is re-used footage from Shadow In The Dark.

Then back on SE 2nd Street eastbound toward Biscayne Blvd. Again.

Then still eastbound on SE 2nd Street but now further back toward SE 3rd Ave.

Then more re-used footage, from Badge of Dishonor

Then they come around the corner from southbound out the Bank Of America parking garage rear driveway to eastbound onto SE 4th Street before pulling into the Hyatt Regency Miami. We saw this location used in Calderone’s Return/Hit List.

Then southbound on NW 1st Court passing NW 7th Street.

They continue down toward NW 6th Street and get cut off.

This leads to the Porsche pulling into the Overtown Metro rail Station, (west side) followed by C+T. 700 block NW 1st Court.

The chase continues on foot into the metro-rail station.

When I went here to take my re-creation photos, a security guard saw my camera as I entered and told me I could not take pictures. I am not sure what country he thought he was in but instead of giving him a lesson in the law and basic human rights I just took the pictures covertly as it was the path of least resistance and quicker (not trying to teach a pig to sing as it is a waste of time and just annoys the pig). Hard to imagine someone could be so ignorant as to think they could tell someone not to take pictures.

C+T’s view point.

Crockett goes to look for a back door.

Crockett gets air lifted away from the station.

The filming location for the interior of the rescue copter is unknown.

Then we start to see re-used clips, starting with Evan. I have covered these locations on the episode’s pages already so I will not get into those details again here.

Then we see the standard season 4 opening montage.

Act 1 opens with Crockett landing at a medical center. Filming location unknown.

Then we see re-used footage from Payback

Then we cut to new footage of Crockett arriving inside the medical center.

Then re-used footage from Evan.

We cut back to the hospital briefly

Before seeing another re-used clip. This time from One Eyed Jack.

Then we return to the hospital.

Obvious, stock footage of lower quality was used to show the surgery.

Then we see Tubbs have a flashback to the Pilot.

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In this episode we see clips from the following episodes:

    Shadow In The Dark, Evan, Payback, One Eyed Jack, Pilot-Brother’s Keeper, Rock And A Hard Place, Child’s Play, Dutch Oven, Lend Me An Ear, Whatever Works, Down For The Count Part 1 and Part 2, Smuggler’s Blues, No Exit, Badge Of Dishonor, Knock Knock…Who’s There, Made For Each Other, Calderone’s Demise, Bushido, Baby Blues, The Maze, The Good Collar, Cows Of October, Missing Hours, Like A Hurricane, Big Thaw, Prodigal Son, Killlshot, Indian Wars, Streetwise, Cuba Libre, Definitely Miami

Back to the hospital.

From Rock And A Hard Place.


Pilot, Brother’s Keeper



Child’s Play

88 p2 BFC