Original air date: 11/06/1987

Principal filming dates for this episode: 09/02/1987 - 09/11/1987

The episode starts with Tubbs in the primary role and Crockett working backup in the van. This was filmed on location at Dodge Island/Port Of Miami. Under the Gantry Cranes along the south side. 1015 North American Way, Docks 36-39.

Then we see the standard season 4 opening montage.

Act 1 opens inside the OCB. Filmed on set in Stage A at Greenwich Studios.

Then we see a family party at the Cruz’s home. This was filmed on location at 1415 North View Drive, Miami Beach. We have seen this residence used previously in Junk Love and Down For The Count Parts 1 + 2.

As seen in Down For The Count Part 1.

Then we see Cruz arrive at the AIDs hospice. This was filmed on location at Christ Episcopal Church, 3481 Hibiscus Street, Coconut Grove.

Then we see Tubbs arrive on the north side of Dodge Island/Port Of Miami. The MacArthur Causeway is seen in the background.

Then we see him enter a large shipping warehouse. This was filmed on location at 1509 Africa Way, Shed B, Port of Miami.

Then we see a beautifully filmed meeting between Crockett, Tubbs and Castillo. Filmed on location adjacent to Mt. Sinai Hospital on Miami Beach. Sadly this park no longer exist. It has been replaced with a parking lot.

Then we see Castillo meet with Father Ernesto at a Cuban Cafe, have a cup of coffee and a rare laugh. This was reportedly filmed at Penrod’s Cafe, at the rear of 1001 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach.

Then we go to Father Ernesto’s residence where he gets murdered. This was filmed on location next to the AIDs center. 3447 William Avenue, Coconut Grove.

Then we return to the OCB (studio set).

Then we head to the Ernesto’s funeral which is being protested. This was filmed on the grounds of Villa Vizcaya. 3252 South Miami Avenue.

Then we see Gina meet with Cruz in a bar. Location unknown.

Then we see an exterior establishing shot of church grounds. Location unknown, likely California stock footage.

Then we see Lt. Castillo meet with a priest. This was filmed on location inside Villa Vizcaya. It may look like it was filmed outside but they are actually inside the home, in the center courtyard.

Then we return to the  AIDs hospice. This was filmed on location at Christ Episcopal Church, 3481 Hibiscus Street, Coconut Grove.

They spot Ricky at the hospice and give chase up (eastbound) William Avenue. They run past 3458 William Avenue and Felipe tackles Ricky in the front yard of the house next door to 3458. This is now a vacant lot, sadly another landmark Vice location is gone.

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     God’s Work

25 45’ 59.53” N 80 09’ 10.86” W

25 48’ 21.83” N  80 08’ 33.23” W

25 43’ 34.87” N  80 14’ 58.22” W

25 46’ 32.75” N  80 10’ 07.12” W



25 48’ 42.32” N

80 08’ 39.12” W

In 2009 this building underwent a major renovation which removed a section from the rear. The area that was the cafe is now part of a separate building which houses the Miami Beach, Beach Patrol Headquarters.

80 07’ 48.05” N  80 07’ 48.05” W

25 43’35.11” N

80 14’ 55.51” W

25 44’ 36.45” N

80 12’ 42.01” W

3458 William Ave.

As seen in Junk Love

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

Miami Vice
Episode 74
God’s Work

The interior of the home is clearly low dollar with uncarpeted stairs and floors. However the footage of the killer walking, is clearly taken from somewhere else (likely stock footage) and not filmed at the same locale. Even the staircase design is different, straight without a landing.

MV 74 God' Work P2