Miami Vice

            Episode 77

The Rising Sun of Death


Original air date: 12/04/1987

Principal filming for this episode occurred from 10/07/87 thru 10/16/87

This episode was filmed before the previous episode (Like a Hurricane) but aired after Like a Hurricane.

The episode starts out with a limo arriving in the warehouse district at the Kobekai Club. This was filmed in Miami at the Gulf Atlantic Warehouse, 1901 NW 7th Avenue. This warehouse and rail yard have since been torn down.

Special thanks to Tom at He has the Daily Production Reports for this episode and provided location information on this episode.

Then we go inside the Kobekai Club. This was filmed on location at the rear of Hoffman’s Cafe on the second floor where the restrooms are now located (now Jerry’s Famous Deli).1450 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach. We have seen this location used before in: Made For Each Other, Little Miss Dangerous, Walk Alone,Streetwise, Red Tape, and of course the movie, A Hole In The Head.

Then Avery goes into a hot tub to enjoy the evening, however Agawa drowns him in the tub. Filming location unknown.

Then we see the standard season 4 opening montage.

Act 1 opens with Crockett and Caitlin driving in the Testarossa. Location unknown.

Then they arrive at a house that is for sale. Location unknown.

Then we see them southbound on Collins Avenue passing thru the 5200 block.

Then we see Avery has been pulled out of the bay. This was filmed on location at Villa Vizcaya, 3251 South Miami Avenue. We have seen Villa Vizcaya usded previously in Whatever Works, Rites of Passage, French Twist, God’s Work, Trust Fund Pirates (aerial) as well as in the movies; Ace Ventura, Tony Rome, Absence of Malice and the Burn Notice episode; Hard Time. They pull Avery out at the same spot where Tony Rome pulled his boat up to the dock.

Then we head to the morgue. Likely filmed on set inside Greenwich Studios but I have not confirmed this yet.

Next we go inside the OCB. Also filmed on set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we see Crockett and Tubbs arrive at Avery’s office. This was filmed on location at the Greenberg Traurig Building, 1221 Brickell Avenue. We originally saw this location in Miami Vice while it was still under construction in the filming of One Eyed Jack. We have also seen this location in Stone’s War, Killshot and in the background of  Everybody’s in Showbiz. Burn Notice used this location extensively in episode 8, Wanted Man. We also see it in the movies; Miami Vice 2006, True Lies, and The Specialist.

They pull up and stop on the south side of the building (SW corner. SE 13th St. at Brickell Ave.).

The interior office scene may have been filmed on studio set, location unknown.

Then we go to the morgue, believed to have been filmed on set in the studio.

Then we see an act of yubitsume (cutting off one’s little finger) to save face. This was filmed on location at Villa Ipa, 3715 Main Highway, Coconut Grove

Then we see C+T driving at night. Location unknown.

Then we go to a briefing inside the OCB. Filmed on set at Greenwich Studios.

While there, Castillo gets a call from Vasquez. He is calling from an office which was likely a set at Greenwich Studios. Location unconfirmed.

Then we see Gina and Trudy go to work. They approach the same club that we saw Avery at in the teaser. Filmed on location at 1901 NW 7th Avenue in Miami.

We go inside. Filmed on location inside Jerry’s Famous Deli, AKA: Hoffman’s Cafe, Warsaw Ballroom, Club Ovo, China Club, 1450 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach.

The large unique columns have never changed throughout the history of the building and are a dead giveaway.

Gina and Trudy get tied up. This has every indication of being a studio set. Location unconfirmed.

C+T appear to be parked outside the club at 1901 NW 7th Avenue but not enough is seen to confirm this.

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