C+T enter the club via the door at the rear of 1901 NW 7th Avenue but immediately upon entering they are on location at 1450 Collins Ave.


 Miami Vice

             Episode 77

The Rising Sun Of Death

                Page 2

Then, right away it cuts to the hot tub area. This appears to have been filmed on set at the studio. Location unconfirmed.

Then we cut back to the OCB, filmed on set.

Then we see Castillo arrive at the Yazuka HQ. He drives up Anchorage Way and stops at 3715 Main Highway. The interior was also filmed there, on location.

Then we cut to a sword fight between Fujitsu and Agawa. This was filmed on location at Villa Vizcaya.

After the fight we see Fujitsu and Castillo arrive at Tanaka’s. They approach on the south side, from the dead end, end of Anchor Way.

There Tanaka commits seppuku (suicide the Yazuka way) while Castillo and Fujitsu stand by watching, allowing Tanaka to take his own life.



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