EPISODE 82


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Then we see Stan’s van  headed after Guerrero to track his phone call. Filming location unknown.

Then we go inside the van. No doubt filmed at Greenwich Studios.

Intercut we see Guerrero in his car. Also likely filmed at the studio.

Then we go inside the OCB again just long enough to get a tip on a “suicide”. Filmed on set at the studio.

Then we see them arrive on the scene, inside the Florida Villas, 13645 Biscayne Blvd., Miami. Here we see the actual interior. We saw this location used previously in Lombard. However; in Lombard they used studio sets for the interior scenes, not the real interior.

Then we return to the OCB interior (set).

Next we see Guerrero on a pay phone. Location unknown.

Intercut we see Agent Brody on the phone. Reportedly filmed at 455 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach but I have not confirmed this yet.

Then we return to the interior of the OCB. Filmed on set at the studio.

Then we see C+T doing some research on baseballs of death. This has every indication of being a studio set but I have not confirmed this yet.

Then we return to the interior of the OCB (set).

Next we go to Wiley’s Military Surplus. Filmed at the rear of the studio (north side) at the east end.

Below we can see the apartment buildings next door to the studio in the background thru the rack truck.

Then we see Stiles arrive at the Echols Depot. In reality they have arrived at Opa-locka Airport. This location was harder to find than expected despite clearly being at an airport.

Then we go inside, location unconfirmed. Very likely filmed on location at Opa-locka Airport in the SE corner of the airfield off of 139th Street, but I have not confirmed this yet, 100%.

Then we see the Military Police responding. This was filmed on location at Opa-locka airport. They are eastbound on 144th Street approaching 38th Avenue. Then they turn southbound on 38th Avenue.

We then see an alarm board with a light flashing by the intersection of Coconut Palm Drive (SW 248th St.) and  Naranja Road (SW 147th Ave.).

Then we briefly enter the depot. Location unconfirmed.

Then we see the same military police responding only there is an editing problem. They are clearly on the same road where we just saw them but further back. What? did they get lost and drive in a circle. They are east bound on 144th Street headed east toward 38th Avenue.

Then back inside the depot. Location unconfirmed.

Then the response continues. Looks like Opa-locka Airport. Exact location unknown.

The rack truck passes inspection and is allowed to leave Opa-locka Airport.

The military scrambles from the bunker. Location unconfirmed.

Then we see the deal go poorly for Stiles. Location unknown.

Then we go inside the OCB. Filmed on set at the studio.

Then we return to 46 Star Island. The exterior was filmed on location there. It is unknown if the interior was filmed there or elsewhere.

Then we see Guerrero fleeing the country. This was filmed on Watson Island at Chalk’s Airline.

Guerrero takes off in the plane, lacking fuel.

The plane takes off headed east between Watson Island and Dodge Island/Port of Miami.

Crockett gives chase.

Then it cuts and we see the, out of fuel, plane headed toward a boat. This was filmed in the Miami Boat Basin looking NW. This location was first made famous in the Elvis movie, Clambake. We have since seen it in Miami Vice in episode 35, Yankee Dollar. Burn notice has also used this location. In episode 59, Brotherly Love. The movie All About The Benjamins has also used this location.

We get a nice view of what by today’s standards would be an undeveloped Downtown Miami and the developing Port of Miami.

The plane lands in the Miami Boat Basin and we see the shoreline much as it still appears today and as we see it in Burn Notice, episode 59, Brotherly Love.

We get a brief view of the Miami Marine Stadium as the good Samaritan shows up. We saw the stadium used in the Miami Vice episode 35,Yankee Dollar. Burn Notice has also used it in episode 38, A Dark Road.

After the Samaritan gets his reward, Guerrero takes off in his boat and Crockett arrives to give chase. All filmed on location in the Miami Boat Basin.

They head south toward the Rickenbacker Causeway.

They pass southbound under the new and the old Rickenbacker Bridges.

Then they u-turn and head back, northbound under the Rickenbacker Bridges.

Then they jump to southbound passing Bayside just south of Crockett’s original marina.

They bob and weave their way south toward the Rickenbacker.

They pass by the mouth of the Miami Boat Basin and the Guerrero’s boat hits a purpose made jump.

Where the boat crashes into the Island with a blatant cut between the boat riding up on shore and the explosion.

Crockett has a front row seat to the explosion.

As seen in:

Yankee Dollar

Brotherly Love

All About The Benjamins


The episode ends here.

THE                END


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