Original air date: 03/18/1988

Principal filming dates for this episode were: 02/18/1988  through 02/26/1988.

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

The episode starts out at night with the Vice Squad working a drug deal with Tubbs undercover. Both the police staging area and marina where Tubbs goes for the deal were filmed at the exact same spot which of course would not have worked in real life. This was filmed on location at Nuta’s Boatyard. 1884 NW North River Drive, Miami. This is the third time Miami Vice filmed at Nuta’s. We previously saw it in Red Tape and Cows of October.

Below we see that the same Key West boat, the Vanesa where they conducted the deal for bull futures in Cows of October is still being worked on at Nuta’s 3.5 months later.

Cows of October

Cows of October

As seen in Red Tape

Then we see the standard season 4 opening montage.

Act 1 opens with an exterior establishing shot of Gold Coast Shipping. This footage was originally seen in episode 31; Bought and Paid For. It’s roots go deeper though as this was footage originally shot for episode 3, Cool Runnin’ but in that episode (and many others) the footage was cut down and we only saw the footage that follows a second after this footage. This footage was also seen in episode 64, By Hooker by Crook.

Then we go inside. Filmed on set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we cut to the interior of a car as a guy drives along. This was likely filmed by SW 3rd Avenue and SW 6th Street but I have not confirmed this yet.

Then we cut to the exterior of the car. This was filmed on location with the car headed northbound on SW 3rd Avenue away from SW 6th Street.

He continues north past SW 5th Street with the police pulling him over.

He stops under the Interstate 95 bridge over the Miami River.

There, he takes a dive into the Miami River.

Next, we see C+T check out the police warehouse. Filming location unknown.

Then we return to the interior of the OCB, filmed on studio set.

Then C+T head to the crime scene under Interstate 95 where the dealer took a dive into the Miami River. Very close to where Mary McDermott took her final dive in Little Prince.

There, Tubbs chases after the woman he saw in the opening drug deal. She runs through Jose Marti Park which we have seen used previously in: No Exit, Rites of Passage, French Twist, and Cows of October. Burn Notice has since used it in episodes: Friends Like These and No Good Deed. The Movie Marley and Me also filmed here.

Then it cuts to Tubbs walking thru skid row with the woman. This was filmed at 75 SW Miami Avenue Road on the Miami River. The Miami Avenue bridge is seen in the background. We have previously seen this lot in: The Good Collar, Cows Of October and Lend Me An Ear (background). We have since seen this location in the Burn Notice episodes, 5- Family Business and 38- A Dark Road. The movie All About The Benjamins also used this location.

Then we return to the interior of the OCB. Filmed on set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we see the criminal cops headed up the river, the Miami River where they stop at a small warehouse. This was filmed on location at 1090 NW North River Drive.

Intercut we see the Vice Squad working inside the OCB. Filmed on studio set.

Then we see C+T arrive at Lt. Dominguez’s residence. A Yacht. This was filmed on location at Bayfront Park.

Then we see someone sneak into the files. Filming location unknown but most likely a set at the studio.

Then we go back to the warehouse, filmed on location on the Miami River at 1090 NW North River Drive.

Then we see the Lt. in his office where C+T pay him a visit. Filmed on set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we return to Bayfront Park to Dominguez’s boat.

Then we see Crockett headed to Miami International Airport to pick up Stone. At least that is the footage we see. Re-used from Stone’s War. Filmed on location as the Testarossa heads southbound on West Avenue, Miami Beach and passes the camera which was located at 16th Street.

Then we go inside the car as Crockett drives. Not enough is seen to determine this filming location.

Intercut we see Castillo in his office. Filmed on set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we see the Testarossa do a u-turn on SE 13th Street at Brickell Avenue with the Greenberg Traurig Building in the background. This is re-used footage from Everybody’s in Showbiz where C+T are headed to Mt. Siani Hospital.

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Badge Of Dishonor


As seen in Family Business

As seen in A Dark Road

P2 Badge of Dishonor
      Miami Vice
      Episode 86
Badge Of Dishonor

It took years and actually being on location for me to figure out this first shot is a reversed image. Someone accidentally or for an unknown reason horizontally flipped the image.